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Ready for the Digital Future?

Artificial intelligence, virtual reality, self-driving cars, robots, and the Internet of Things are a mainstay in the news, but are we ready for the digital future? Do we have the necessary skills to take full advantage of new technologies?

Digital transformation is a multi-disciplinary topic—perhaps one of the most complex and confusing of our time. The purpose of this film is to make digital transformation easier to understand and start a conversation about what kind of digital future we actually want. Is the future complicated and inevitable, or can each of us create the future they envision? Technology is a curse and a blessing, but this depends on each of us thinking about the future in a constructive but critical way. 

Digital Transformation: The Film

Digital Transformation: Visions of Nations, Companies, and People builds on interviews with visionaries, futurists, scientists, entrepreneurs, politicians, artists, authors, and others around the world who speak about their views and hopes for the future. The interview series began in March 2017, and the documentary film begins streaming in spring 2018 on YouTube.

This film encourages the conversation about what kind of future we actually want. Technology offers nations, companies, and people amazing tools for good. Many of them are useful, others we are free to reject. If we use these tools in a responsible way, the future isn’t inevitable, it is what we make it.

A Film by Manuel Stagars

Manuel Stagars was born and raised in Zurich, Switzerland. He is an economist, film director, author, and serial entrepreneur with twenty years of experience in consulting and startups in Switzerland, the United States, Japan, and Singapore. His current film projects focus on the potential of technology for the economies of nations, societies, and the lives of people around the world.

His recent films include FinTech Made in Switzerland (2016) and The Blockchain and Us (2017), both of which received accolades internationally. Digital Transformation builds on Manuel’s research and global professional networks in different parts of the world.

Manuel has published books and scientific articles on startups, marketplace lending, impact investing, data quality, and Open Data. He has a degree in economics from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and several financial certifications (CFA, CAIA, ERP). Read longer bio on


Interviews from the Film

Digital Transformation is in production at this moment. New video interviews take place until the end of 2017 and go live regularly. The first interviews went live in May 2017.

Interview Partners

Many thanks to all conversation partners. This list constantly updates as the project continues (in alphabetical order).

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Production and Communications

Ruedi Maeder  
Agentur am Wasser,
Zurich, Switzerland

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Special Thanks

Next to all interviewees, many people are supporting this project in many ways. Special thanks for your time, feedback, access to networks, and other help in the course of making this film! This list constantly updates as the project continues (list in alphabetical order).